New “Heritage Edition” VCM Clothing

We have a new design for the Velo Club Monterey jerseys and cycling kit.  Inspired by the original jerseys of the club when it was formed in the 60’s, here’s what some of the new “Heritage Edition” pieces look like:

Velo Club Monterey 2018 Heritage Edition Jersey
Velo Club Monterey 2018 Heritage Edition Bib Shorts
Monterey Velo Club 2018 Heritage Edition Lightweight Vest

We plan to offer both men and women’s specific clothing, including:

  • Century LX Jerseys (Club Fit)
  • Continental Jerseys (Performance Fit)
  • Continental Bib Shorts
  • Continental Shorts (same graphic design as Bibs)
  • Evergreen Lightweight Vests with mesh back
  • Breckenridge WX-D Mid-weight Vests with 3 pocket backs
  • Evergreen Lightweight Jacket

Unisex items we hope to offer include:

  • Cycling Caps
  • Arm Warmers
  • Cycling Socks

Short Clothing Survey

Our new clothing vendor, Pactimo, has a minimum order size of 5 units of each style of clothing (25 pair of socks minimum). To determine if we will meet these minimums before we begin taking orders, we’re conducting a survey to see what pieces you are likely to purchase. If we don’t have enough interest in a piece we won’t be able to offer it.

It is very important that you visit the New Velo Club Kit Survey Page as soon as you can and complete the enclosed survey  so we know what clothing you are interested in. The survey also includes pricing information for each of the different pieces. It should take you less than 3 minutes to complete the survey. This survey is not your order, nor is it a commitment to buy.

Clothing Fit

For a short time (until June 26th) we have a “Fit Kit” from Pactimo with men’s and women’s jerseys and vests, plus men’s bibs and women’s shorts that you can try on for size.  For jerseys we have sizes from XXS to 4XL. The fit kit will be available to try on after the following rides:

  • Tuesday NRJ Ride – (noonish) June 19 at Captain & Stoker
  • Thursday Beer Ride  – (4:30) June 21 at Alvarado St. Brewery
  • Saturday 8:30 C Ride (11:30) – June 23 at Carmel Valley Roasting Co. in Pacific Grove
  • Sunday Bocce Ball Party (Noon to 2) – June 24 at Talbott’s Vineyard Tasting Room in Carmel Valley

If you can’t make any of those, send email to and we’ll try to set up a time for you try things on.

More Details on Clothing

If you want more detailed information on the clothing specifications including sizing, you can find them on the Pactimo website via the following links:

The actual ordering window should start in early to mid July. Any questions send email to 


Cycling Mileage Fund Raiser

Velo Club Monterey is creating an ongoing charitable fundraising arm (or maybe fundraising “leg” would be more fitting). The idea is to raise funds each year and then donate these funds to a board-determined local need.

This year we found a local need in Seaside.  Lois Varner has established the Fremont Street Mission for Homeless Women, a charity that reaches out to local elderly homeless women.  You may have seen an article about her efforts in the Herald several months ago. Lois gathers funds as she can, and uses them to purchase and distribute items such as blankets, gloves, warm socks, food cards, laundry cards, bus and gas cards to these homeless women.  She currently has a total of about 70 women she helps and meets each Monday with about 10-15 women.  Her assistance is limited to $10 per week per person, so any funds she raises can impact a large number of women.

How can we help? Our fundraising  concept is simple. Each of us will find sponsors who will support us as we chalk up our miles each year. By asking for a donation of just a penny per mile, getting just a few friends or family members as sponsors could really add up.  Many of us ride about 3000 to 5000 miles (or more) each year. So while you may only raise $30 to $50 from any one sponsor, if you found 10 sponsors you could personally raise $300 to $500.  If twenty members participated at this level we could earn up to $10,000! The numbers of miles and sponsors will vary by member, but this could turn into a beautiful annual effort and result.

Many of our club members find themselves to be in quite fortunate circumstances. That we have the time to ride, maintain our health, and enjoy life is wonderful. Finding an avenue that allows us to share locally with those less fortunate seems to only add to the heart and soul of our club.

If you are willing to find a few sponsors, we want get started now and see what we can raise by December 1, when the cold weather sets in.  You would need to contact sponsors, get commitments, and collect funds by the end of November.  Depending on how this goes, we could start earlier next year and raise a greater total.  Board member, Edmund Gross is heading up the Cycling Mileage Fund Raiser. If you are willing to participate  email Edmund at this link so we will have a list of participating members. He’ll also send you a short note on how to sign up sponsors for your miles.

NOTE: A club member has agreed to anonymously sponsor the first 5 members who sign up for 2 cents per mile! So get your first double sponsor, just by signing up to participate now.

To simplify, here are the steps you can take to help…

  1. Send email to Edmund Gross to let him know you are participating in the Cycling Mileage Fundraiser.
  2. Find sponsors willing to donate 1 cent per each mile you ride this year to the Fremont Street Mission for Homeless Women.
  3. Ride your bike (a lot).
  4. Track your cycling mileage until the end of November. (You’re on the honor system as to how many miles you ride.)
  5. Collect the money from your sponsors.
  6. Deliver money raised to Edmund before December 15.

We hope you will join us in this opportunity to turn the miles you ride into money to help our neighbors here on the Peninsula who are less fortunate. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Many thanks for your consideration and participation in this fundraising effort!

2018 Bocce Ball Party – June 24 at Talbott’s Vineyard Tasting Room

Welcome in Summer with a ride and a Bocce Ball Party!  Join fellow VCM members for a Bocce Ball Party at the Talbott Vineyards Tasting Room in Carmel Valley – Sunday, June 24 from Noon to 2pm.

There’s a Pre-Bocce ride up to Cahoon Summit (and back) in the morning, which will start at 8am at Talbott’s. That gives us enough time to get to top and return as well as clean up a little before we bocce at Noon.

We’ve got the Bocce Ball Courts reserved for free but we should all plan on bringing some snacks or light lunch items to eat and share. We can’t bring our own alcoholic drinks so plan on buying a glass (or bottle) or two of Talbott vino. Non-alcoholic drinks are fine to bring.

Spouses, significant others, and others are welcome to join. Just indicate how many people you are bringing when you RSVP.

We’re limited to about 30 people who can play, so respond early to make sure you get a spot.

The pre-party ride up to Cahoon Summit starts at 8am at Talbott’s. Let us know if you are interested in riding in your comments so we know to expect you. RSVP on EVITE by Tuesday, June 19th so we can get a head count.

To Recap:

  • What: Velo Club Monterey Bocce Ball Party
  • Where: Talbott Vineyards Tasting Room, 25 Pilot Road, CV.
  • When: Sunday, June 24 from 12 – 2 pm
  • Bring: yourselves, something to snack on and share with others, $ for wine or drinks
  • Optional Bonus Feature – Cahoon ride starting at Talbott’s at 8. 

Click here to RSVP via EVITE

Castroville Bike Bridge Grand Opening – Thursday, May 31 at 10am

A ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the new Castroville Pedestrian/Bicycle Railroad Overcrossing is this Thursday, May 31st at 10am.

Velo Club members have all been invited to the opening ceremony which will be held on the East side of the new bridge. Many of you have probably crossed those tracks dozens of times over the years so Thursday is your chance to bid them a fond farewell.

There is a group of us who are riding to the event that morning. We’ll be leaving promptly at 8:30 from the Monterey Wharf to ride the 16 miles to Castroville. Show up a few minutes early so we can leave on time.

The bridge won’t be open on our way out, so we’ll all get one last chance to “hike-a-bike” across the tracks. But we’ll pedal back in grand fashion as we cross the new bridge from high above. Be sure to proudly wear your Velo Club Monterey kit.

For more details on the ceremony visit the Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) website.

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