20th Anniversary No Real Job Ride – Tuesday Sept. 18

2018 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Tuesday No Real Job Ride. And we’re commemorating it with a celebration Anniversary ride on Tuesday September 18th.

The Anniversary NRJ Ride will have a few special treats – some homemade sweets, sparkling wine and non-alcoholic cider, and a neat little commemorative item for any and all riders who’ve enjoyed the NRJ over the years.

Also, we can’t mention the NRJ ride without giving a special thanks to Heidi Hausserman, who began the ride back in the late nineties when it was just a handful of riders. Through the years, Heidi has watched it become one of the most popular rides on the Monterey Peninsula.  She  has written a short history of the NRJ ride and helped put together dozens of photographs of the riders who have participated throughout the year. 

Click here for the 20th Anniversary History & Photo Gallery.

Even if you have a Real Job, you should take the morning off on Sept. 18 to help us celebrate twenty-years of slacking off on Tuesday mornings!

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