Follow Velo Club Members on Strava

The current COVID-19 pandemic has severely restricted our ability to host safe local group rides.  As a result most of us are cycling alone or in very small groups.  Our goal is to facilitate your connection with other VCM members.

Many of you may already be using Strava to record your rides. There is a Strava Club exclusively for VCM members. If you are not a Strava member it is free to join at the basic level.  Click here to Join Strava and create your account. As a Strava member, you can visit the Strava VCM Club here: Just click on the Request to Join button on the Strava VCM Club page and within a day or two we’ll approve your membership in the club.

In an effort to promote connections among our VCM members we have made changes to improve the Strava Club for the VCM.  With this change our Club on Strava requires VCM membership.  It is available to VCM members who have paid their dues. 

The main feature of joining our Strava VCM Club is that you can easily see the rides in a list of “Recent Activity” which other members have made and they can see your rides.  This is a great way to see what rides other members are doing including their routes, distance, elevation and speed.  You should be able to find suitable riding partners!  This is also a way to encourage fellow VCM members by giving them kudos and comments on their rides.

For those of you who are driven by Leaderboards, this change means that VCM Club Leaderboard will only contain VCM members.  Previously as an open Strava Club the VCM Leaderboards were filled by cyclists from all over the world with no connection to our local club.  If you choose to be a Strava Premium paid member you will also have access to Segment Leaderboards for VCM members.  You will only be competing with other VCM members on the Segment Leaderboards.

We invite you to join your fellow Velo Club members on Strava. Visit the Strava VCM Club to get started. If you have any questions or problems with Strava send an email to

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