Gordon Martine – Phase II Starts Now

As you may know, club-member and Junior Development leader Gordon Martine was injured in a car/bicycle accident last weekend. After surgeries to repair both his broken arm and hip, he now is beginning rehab and can also see visitors (during specific times).  Below is the note from Sue Martine regarding what’s next and how you can visit Gordon…

Gordon was transferred from Natividad to CHOMP’s Intensive Rehab Unit yesterday.  He will be getting 4 hours of PT/OT therapy a day.  Think of this as “high end intervals”.  So, between sessions he will need to rest.  The best time to visit him Monday – Friday is at dinner ( 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.)

On the weekends, he gets one full day off from his “interval” training, with only a short session on one of the two days during the weekend.  So, the weekends would give you all the best bang for your buck to see him!  Visiting hours are 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.  the IRU is located on the ground floor.  You can ask for directions at the info booth when you enter the main doors at CHOMP.   He is in room 1164. 

We both want to thank you for all the prayers and good healing wishes that are coming his way.  Keep them coming!!!  He will be back to the front of the peloton again.  It will just take a few months and a lot of hard work.  He is HIGHLY motivated to get back the Junior group.  He loves you all so much and misses you all.

With love – sue

All of us from the Velo Club wish Gordon a swift and complete recovery!

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