New “Heritage Edition” VCM Clothing

We have a new design for the Velo Club Monterey jerseys and cycling kit.  Inspired by the original jerseys of the club when it was formed in the 60’s, here’s what some of the new “Heritage Edition” pieces look like:

Velo Club Monterey 2018 Heritage Edition Jersey
Velo Club Monterey 2018 Heritage Edition Bib Shorts
Monterey Velo Club 2018 Heritage Edition Lightweight Vest

We plan to offer both men and women’s specific clothing, including:

  • Century LX Jerseys (Club Fit)
  • Continental Jerseys (Performance Fit)
  • Continental Bib Shorts
  • Continental Shorts (same graphic design as Bibs)
  • Evergreen Lightweight Vests with mesh back
  • Breckenridge WX-D Mid-weight Vests with 3 pocket backs
  • Evergreen Lightweight Jacket

Unisex items we hope to offer include:

  • Cycling Caps
  • Arm Warmers
  • Cycling Socks

Short Clothing Survey

Our new clothing vendor, Pactimo, has a minimum order size of 5 units of each style of clothing (25 pair of socks minimum). To determine if we will meet these minimums before we begin taking orders, we’re conducting a survey to see what pieces you are likely to purchase. If we don’t have enough interest in a piece we won’t be able to offer it.

It is very important that you visit the New Velo Club Kit Survey Page as soon as you can and complete the enclosed survey  so we know what clothing you are interested in. The survey also includes pricing information for each of the different pieces. It should take you less than 3 minutes to complete the survey. This survey is not your order, nor is it a commitment to buy.

Clothing Fit

For a short time (until June 26th) we have a “Fit Kit” from Pactimo with men’s and women’s jerseys and vests, plus men’s bibs and women’s shorts that you can try on for size.  For jerseys we have sizes from XXS to 4XL. The fit kit will be available to try on after the following rides:

  • Tuesday NRJ Ride – (noonish) June 19 at Captain & Stoker
  • Thursday Beer Ride  – (4:30) June 21 at Alvarado St. Brewery
  • Saturday 8:30 C Ride (11:30) – June 23 at Carmel Valley Roasting Co. in Pacific Grove
  • Sunday Bocce Ball Party (Noon to 2) – June 24 at Talbott’s Vineyard Tasting Room in Carmel Valley

If you can’t make any of those, send email to and we’ll try to set up a time for you try things on.

More Details on Clothing

If you want more detailed information on the clothing specifications including sizing, you can find them on the Pactimo website via the following links:

The actual ordering window should start in early to mid July. Any questions send email to 


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