Nominations for 2020 VCM Board Members

Each December we elect the Velo Club Monterey Board of Directors for the following year. As per the Club by-laws, the current Board of Directors has created a Nominating Committee to propose candidates for next year’s Board and Officers. 

5 of the 6 current board members have agreed to serve on the 2020 board if re-elected. Edmund Gross is retiring from the board at the end of this year. Tom Rolander has indicated his willingness to replace Edmund as a Director-at-Large and the Nominating Committee believes that he would be an excellent addition to the board. The Committee is proposing that the following members be nominated to serve as the 2020 Velo Club Board of Directors and Officers:

Mark Kaufmann – President
Chris Swainson – Vice President
Jack McKenna – Treasurer
Keely Clifford – Secretary
Suzanne Kroeze – Director-at-Large
Tom Rolander – Director-at-Large

Any other club member in good standing may also be nominated to run in the board election by the motion of one member and the support of two other members. Nominations for the 2020 Board must be sent in writing or via email to the Club Secretary and received by November 1 to be added to the ballot. You can email nominations to or mail them to:Velo Club Monterey – Club Secretary, P.O. Box 1404, Monterey, CA 93942
For more complete information on the election process see the Velo Club Monterey By-Laws here.

On or around November 15, you will be sent an email with a link to the online ballot for the board elections. Voting ends December 1st. 

Note: There is no action you need to take now. The election links will come in an email on November 15th.

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