Pacific Grove Bike Night – Friday May 3rd, 5-8 pm

To help promote and encourage cycling in Pacific Grove and connect cyclists with one another, the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce is organizing Pacific Grove Bike Night, on Friday May 3rd. The event will take place in downtown Pacific Grove on Lighthouse Avenue from 5-8 PM and features a raffle, bike-to-work day, music, and plenty of cyclists!

Velo Club Monterey is leading a “ride-around” of the downtown area on Lighthouse Avenue starting at 6:30. This will be a slow cruise, so bring whatever bike you want. We’ll have a VCM table in front of the BofA on Lighthouse to hand out information about the club and local riding, so meet up with us there a few minutes before the ride. 


Email if you plan on joining us or if you can volunteer some time to serve at the VCM information table.

Group Ride Cycling Etiquette

As we move into the Spring and Summer riding season and our group rides get larger, it’s a good time to review some basic cycling etiquette.  Gordon and Sue Martine have put together a  short list of riding tips for their Junior Development teams which they are sharing with us.  It’s a great set of reminders for all on how to safely navigate group rides. 

Please take a quick look to review these rules of the road…

Monterey Junior Cycling Development

Here are some tips on cycling etiquette, or rules of the road, which should to be followed for safety. Here are the key ideas:

Give a helping hand, watch for problems (loose straps, loose equipment), and help each other to be safe and enjoy the ride.

Be Predictable
Group riding requires even more attention to predictability than riding alone. Other riders expect you to ride straight, at a constant speed, unless you indicate differently.

Use hand and verbal signals to communicate with members of the group and with other traffic.

Hand Signals
Hand signals for turning and stopping are as follows: Left are straight out to signal a left turn. Left arm out and down with you palm to the rear to signal slowing or stopping. And, for a right turn, put your right arm straight out (in areas where this is legal) or put your left arm out and bent up.

Verbal Warnings
Along with hand signals, verbally warn cyclists behind you of your changes in direction or speed. The lead rider should call out “left turn,” “right turn,” “slowing,” stopping,” etc. Announce a turn well in advance of the intersection, so that members of the group have time to position themselves properly.

Announce Hazards
When riding in a tight group, most of the cyclists do not have a good view of the road surface ahead, so it is important to announce holes, gravel, grates, and other hazards. Indicate road hazards by pointing down to the left or right, and by shouting “hole,” “bump,” etc., where required for safety. Everyone in a group should be made aware of hazards. However, not everyone needs to announce them.

Change Positions Correctly
Generally, slow traffic stays right, so you should try to pass others on their left. Say “on your left” to warn the cyclist ahead that you are passing. If you need to pass someone on the right, say “on your right” clearly since this is an unusual maneuver.

Watch For Traffic Coming From The Rear
Even when you are occupying the proper lane position, it often helps to know when a car is coming. Since those in front cannot see traffic approaching from the rear, it is the responsibility of the riders in back to inform the others by saying “car back.” Around curves, on narrow roads, or when riding double, it is also helpful to warn of traffic approaching from the front with “car up.”

Watch Out At Intersections
When approaching intersections requiring vehicles to yield or stop the lead rider will say “slowing” or “stopping” to alert those behind to the change in speed. Each cyclist is responsible for verifying that the way is clear before enter the intersection.

Leave A Gap for Cars
When riding up hills or on narrow roads where you are impeding faster traffic, leave a gap for cars between every three or four bicycles. This way motorists can take advantage of shorter passing intervals and eventually move piecemeal around the entire group.

Move Off the Road When You Stop
Whether you are stopping because of mechanical problems or to regroup with you companions, move well off the road so you don’t interfere with traffic. It is usually best for the lead rider to pull forward in the stopping area and for other riders to pull in behind the rider in front of them. When you start up again, each cyclist should look for, and yield to, traffic.

Ride One Or Two Across
Ride single file or double file as appropriate to the roadway and traffic conditions and where allowed by law. Even where riding double is legal, courtesy dictates that you single up when cars are trying to pass you if the lane is wide enough for them to safely do so.

Wait At Turns
If the group becomes at all separated, even by a few dozen meters, someone should wait at the turn until the next rider arrives at the intersection, and so on until all riders have made the turn.

Two At The End
For safety and as a courtesy, if the group spreads out, the last two people should adjust their speed to ride as a pair. If either should need assistance they will have a helping hand.

Thanks to Gordon & Sue Martine for sharing their group riding tips

2019 “Heritage Edition” Club Kit available

You’ve no doubt seen members wearing our Velo Club Monterey “Heritage Edition” cycling kit that was inspired by the original club jerseys from the 60’s.

If you missed out, now is your chance to order your team clothing as we’ve re-opened the Team Store from now until April 2nd. The options include two jersey styles (Century LX jerseys are club-fit and Continental jerseys are performance-fit), shorts, bib-shorts, and lightweight vests – all in specific men’s and women’s sizes; plus unisex cycling caps and arm warmers.

The Velo Club Monterey TEAM STORE is open only until April 2nd. The store includes 3D images, details on each piece, and a sizing chart so you can determine the right fit.



Pactimo is our clothing vendor and you will order from and pay them directly online. All sales are final once they are placed. Our team Account Manager has the ability to go in and adjust SIZES while the team store is OPEN, but she cannot adjust QUANTITIES. If you decide you want additional items, you must submit a second order.

The team store will close at midnight on April 2nd. Once the store is closed, no additional orders can be accepted. At that point all orders will go into Production and a 4 week delivery time frame begins. Items purchased within the team store are not put into production until the entire store closes, not calculated 4 weeks from your order date.

You will see shipping & handling charges on your order when you place it, but these are much reduced because we’re having all orders shipped to Velo Club Monterey World Headquarters for distribution to you.

When you access the Team Store, you will see the Team Kit items listed first. Items can also be sorted by garment line to view. Below you’ll also see some Pactimo Special Offers. These items are available to our team members to purchase at a 30% discount off normal pricing on the Pactimo retail site. Special Offer orders will be shipped directly from the Pactimo offices in Colorado within 5-7 business days at no additional shipping cost to team members. This is a great opportunity to purchase items such as base layers or jackets at a deep discount.

To Recap:

This is a short ordering window so please don’t wait to put in your orders.

Volunteer for Sea Otter

Velo Club Monterey is supporting the Sea Otter again this year by supplying volunteers to Aid Stations on the Gran Fondo route on Saturday, April 13th.

We also need 2 volunteers to help with Mechanical Support – you need to be relatively proficient in changing flat tires and minor bike adjustments, plus have a vehicle that can carry a bike or two.

Sea Otter 2018 Crew

After membership dues, providing volunteers to Sea Otter is how the club earns most of our money to support the club’s activities, so your participation is important and needed. Plus you get to hang out with fun people and help out fellow cyclists.

Donating your time on Saturday morning has some important benefits:

  1. You will directly interact with one of the major Sea Otter events and help the club’s mission to support cycling in our area.
  2. Each volunteer will receive one 4­ day festival pass wristband, and a 2019 Sea Otter Classic tee shirt.
  3. Luis Zabala is once again hosting a barbecue/picnic/party at Zabala Vineyard (the second rest stop) for the rest stop volunteers.
  4. NEW THIS YEAR Because the cost of our Holiday Party has continued to rise (In 2018 it cost the club $48 per person!), beginning this year there will be a $20 per person charge to attend the party. However… by volunteering to work 3 or more hours at a club-related event, you will earn a free entry to the Holiday Party. This includes volunteering for Sea Otter.

The first Aid Station is at Gallo/Talbott’s Winery (mile 24) and we’ll need volunteers from 6:30 to 10:15. The second stop is at Zabala Vineyards (mile 43) with volunteers to be there from 7:00 to 12:30. This year we’re also helping at the Los Laureles Lodge (mile 84) just outside of Carmel Valley Village from 10:15 to 4:40.

You’ll help in preparing and serving snacks and drinks for the riders. As most of you know a smiling, encouraging face gives a big boost to riders during an event and this is a great way to pay forward all the rest stops you’ve probably encountered in your own rides.

We need your help as a volunteer, so please sign up. Simply click on the Volunteer Sign Up text which will take you to an Evite page where you can enter your name, email, t-shirt size, and your preference for which Aid Station you’d like to volunteer at.  Please note that there is no guarantee that you’ll get your choice of station.

If you would like to help serve as a mechanical support person, contact Jan Valencia at


Italian Cycling Hotel visit to Winning Wheels

Join Winning Wheels and the Velo Club for an evening of Italian-inspired food and wine as we welcome Stefano Giuliodori, the owner of Hotel Dory – a cycling hotel on the Adriatic coast – along with retired pro cyclist, Andrea Gennari, now the lead guide at the hotel. The event takes place Thursday, April 4th from 5:30 to 7pm at Winning Wheels, 3018 Grand Ave. in Pacific Grove.

UPDATE: There will be a short presentation on the hotel  by Stefano and Italian wines and Prosecco will be served along with pizza.  The big news – there will be a prize drawing for 1 free week cycling holiday at the hotel.

Hotel Dory was the first cycling hotel in Riccione, Italy. It hosts weekly group rides and also offers longer tours of the area. They also create custom group rides exploring routes such as Florence to Venice. Stefano and Andrea are warm, personable individuals who are living the dream of sharing their passion with like-minded people from all over the world. 

Velo Club Members Gordon and Sue Martine have stayed at Hotel Dory several times and will tell you that each visit has been marvelous with top notch guides and accommodations. But what brings them back to the Dory is the people who provide the services and all the cyclists they’ve met from all around the world: Isreal, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, England…

While you are enjoying food and wine, Stefano and Andrea will talk about the hotel and all the cycling opportunities in their part of Italy. Learn earn more about the cycling opportunities they offer at the Hotel Dory Website.

To Recap:

  • What: Evening of Food & Wine with Stefano and Andrea of Hotel Dory 
  • Where: Winning Wheels Bike Shop – 318 Grand Ave, Pacific Grove
  • When: Thursday, April 4th – 5:30-7pm
  • Cost: Free

Note: The regular Thursday BWC Ride will start at Winning Wheels that day so we can finish and join the event.

We hope to see you there!


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