VCM Movie Nite – The Bikes of Wrath

Velo Club Monterey is hosting a special one-time screening of the film The Bikes Of Wrath on Wednesday evening, April 3 at Cinemark Monterey 13  in the Del Monte Center. This award-winning film follows 5 Aussies as they retrace the path taken by the Joad Family in John Steinbeck’s, The Grapes of Wrath, this time on bicycles. As you might expect, chaos ensues!

To learn more, view the trailer, and reserve your tickets, please click here to visit The Bikes of Wrath Demand Film Event Page.

Unlike a traditional movie showing, this Demand Film screening requires that 40 tickets be reserved in the next 47 days in order for the screening to occur. Tickets are $13, but you won’t be charged until the ticket threshold is met.

We’ll need your help if we’re going to make this event happen. Not only do we want to see you in the audience, we’d also really appreciate you helping spread the word about the movie. Tell your other friends and have them join us for this special one-time screening of The Bikes Of Wrath!

About The Bikes of Wrath…

Five Australians attempt to cycle 2600 kilometers from Oklahoma to California in honor of the westward migration undertaken by ‘The Grapes of Wrath’s’ Joad family. Through chance encounters with everyday Americans, the cyclists expand on the novel’s core themes of migration, inequality and the perceived land of opportunity. The group explores whether America has progressed since the book was written, discussing the wealth gap, immigration and the American Dream. The fascinating people they meet along the way reveal the enduring strength of human spirit despite the inequality and disenfranchisement which runs as deep today, as it did in Steinbeck’s seminal novel. The Bikes of Wrath is a unique, funny and insightful documentary filled with adventure, literature, music, and human connection.

To Recap:

We hope to see you there!

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