Velo Club Jerseys & Bottles for sale

By now you’ve seen some of the new Velo Club Heritage Edition Kit riding around on club members. If you missed out on the initial order, we do plan for a re-order in the spring.

In the meantime, we have a few “extra” Velo Club Monterey  jerseys available to purchase.  These include:

  • New VCM Heritage Jersey 
    • 1 Men’s Continental Jersey (Medium/Performance Fit) – $75
    • 1 Men’s Century LX Jersey (XL/Club Fit) – $72
  • Long Sleeve Wool Heritage Jersey (It’s starting to get cold outside!)
    • 1  Large – $105
    • 1 XL – $105
  • DISCOUNTED “Flying V” Jersey
    • 1 Women’s Jersey  (L ) – $25
    • 1 Men’s Jersey (M- Club Fit) – $25 
    • 1 Men’s Jersey’s (L – Club Fit) – $25


VCM Water Bottles in the wild…

Additionally, we’ve noticed that some of your VCM water bottles are pretty scruffy looking after a couple of years of use. We still have club water bottles available. These are top quality Specialized Purist water bottles. VCM Water Bottles are available in either 22 oz. or 26 oz. bottles – and you can choose either black or white caps.

  • 22 oz Bottles are $5
  • 26 oz Bottles are $6 
If you want to purchase any of these items, just send an email to

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