Upcoming Events – SAVE THE DATES

1.       SECOND VCM Trivia Night — soon (via ZOOM)! Thursday May 13, 6:00 PM. ARE YOU GAME?

Back by popular demand – Lesley and Vanessa are cooking up another game we know you will want to play. Hope to see you there for good laughs and a good time!  Further details coming soon ….

2.       Summer BBQ Bash 
Sunday August 29 in Carmel Valley – IN PERSON πŸ˜€ 

Vernal Equinox Century Challenge Awards

We are pleased to announce the winners of the VCM Vernal Equinox Century Challenge Awards.

Each of the award winners is receiving a $25 Gift Certificate for the local bike shop of their choice.  Please congratulate these winners the next time you see them on the road!


Award Category Recipient
Greatest Total Distance Ridden: 147.20 miles Stanley Mellin
Longest Single Ride: 85.13 miles Michael Burke
Highest Elevation/Mile Ratio: 111.61 ft/mile (7182 feet over 64.35 miles) Bob Brigham
Best Wildflower photo (see below) Ed Bredthauer
Best Story (read below) Peggy & Jon Beard

VCM Spring Century STORY – Beard


WHAT?    Ride one of two spring centuries, either traditional or metric, in stages or all in one day.

WHEN?    Between Wednesday March 17 and Wednesday March 24, 2021.

WHERE?    Anywhere you like as long as it’s legal and you stay within the COVID-19 guidelines.

    ● Record your stages
    ● Take some photos
    ● Count your flats
    ● Have fun
    ● Be safe

    ● Total distance
    ● Longest single ride
    ● Total elevation
    ● Best wild flower photo
    ● Most flats
    ● Best Story

Submit your ride details to: veloclub@vcmonterey.org by March 26, 8 p.m.

FIRST VCM TRIVIA NIGHT – Tuesday 2/23 6PM – are you game?

Hello fellow VCM member!

Vanessa and Lesley have cooked up a game we know you’ll want to play.  They guarantee laughs … and who doesn’t need one?

–          Trivia:  Covering 6 categories
–          Hostess:  Alexa Trebeka
–          Date:  February 23
–          Time: 6-8 pm
–          Place: any room in your house
–          Attire: comfortably dressed (at least from the waist up)
–          Food: BYOB and BYOF (snacks, takeout dinner, etc.) 
–          ZOOM STATION: https://zoom.us/j/93839318184

Please arrive at 6pm and no later than 6:15pm – after that you will not be able to take part as teams will have been allocated. 

Of course, partners will be on the same team.

There will be PRIZES!

If you need help with ZOOM let us know and we can arrange a test run. 

Hoping you will join in,
Suzanne Kroeze
VCM Events Coordinator

Strawberry Fields 2021 is Cancelled

Dear Strawberry Fields Riders & Volunteers,
               Now I know why we had the roaring 20’s after the Spanish Flu and why we are going to have another roaring 20’s, 100 years later, after we get past this pandemic.  That said, we need to make sure our ride is completely safe for our 110 volunteers who make this ride happen each year and also for our riders.  For this reason, the Cyclists For Cultural Exchange board has decided to move the Strawberry Fields Ride to May 15th, 2022, the 3rd Sunday in May. I really feel this is our last time having to move the ride. Our country should be well under control by then and we feel May 2021 is just to soon to risk having the ride. If you have signed up for this ride your bib is still good. If you cannot make May 15th, 2022 then your bib is transferable to your friend. We will open registration for the May 15th, 2022 ride sometime around Jan 2022. Tell your friends. It’s going to be another amazing day riding through the Strawberry Fields of Watsonville CA and enjoying our rest stops & dinner at the end.  
Stay safe out there and get out and ride.
Cyclists For Cultural Exchange Board

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