2021 VCM Board of Director Election Results

As expected, it was a landslide win for the Velo Club Monterey Board of Directors slate.  Congratulations to President, Chris Swainson; Vice-President, Tom Rolander; Treasurer, Jack McKenna; Secretary, Keely Clifford; Director-at-Large, Suzanne Kroeze; and new Director-at-Large, Patrick Tregenza – who have all been elected to the board for 2021.

Also, by way of introduction if you don’t know Patrick, here is a short bio. He is clearly an example of local boy makes good!

Oh Salinas. It’s given us Steinbeck, salad, Kiddie Kapers, and, well, Patrick Tregenza. A second-generation Monterey County native, he ventured westward towards the Peninsula in 1978, only to find that it’s pretty much like Salinas except the land runs out. He decided to stay anyway, though he never forgot his roots, and so, to this day, he is able to identify nearly any vegetable field at 60 miles per hour. In between rides, Patrick operates a commercial food photography studio in downtown Monterey. His participation in Velo Club Monterey has inspired Patrick to increasingly feel that oftentimes two wheels are better than four, and that is why his garage currently houses 22 wheels, though only twelve are considered “his.”

Also, just a heads up, be on the lookout next week for another email with information on renewing your Velo Club membership for 2021.

Have a great Holiday Season and let’s hope for a 2021 where we can spend more time riding together.

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