FIRST VCM TRIVIA NIGHT – Tuesday 2/23 6PM – are you game?

Hello fellow VCM member!

Vanessa and Lesley have cooked up a game we know you’ll want to play.  They guarantee laughs … and who doesn’t need one?

–          Trivia:  Covering 6 categories
–          Hostess:  Alexa Trebeka
–          Date:  February 23
–          Time: 6-8 pm
–          Place: any room in your house
–          Attire: comfortably dressed (at least from the waist up)
–          Food: BYOB and BYOF (snacks, takeout dinner, etc.) 
–          ZOOM STATION:

Please arrive at 6pm and no later than 6:15pm – after that you will not be able to take part as teams will have been allocated. 

Of course, partners will be on the same team.

There will be PRIZES!

If you need help with ZOOM let us know and we can arrange a test run. 

Hoping you will join in,
Suzanne Kroeze
VCM Events Coordinator

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