Holiday Century Awards

We are pleased to announce the winners of the VCM Holiday Century Awards.
Each of the award winners is receiving a $25 Gift Certificate for the local bike shop of their choice.  Please congratulate these winners the next time that see them on the road!

Award Category Recipient
Century Male Finisher and Best Photo Ed Bredthauer
Century Female Finisher and Honorable Mention for Fixing Flat Christina Cuva Rodriguez
Longest Total Distance Male Edmund Gross
Longest Total Distance Female Billie French
Fastest Metric Century Male (tied for 1st place) Fred Neuhoff
Fastest Metric Century Male (tied for 1st place) Jose Kofman
Fastest Metric Century Female Vanessa Bredthauer
Elevation Total Male and Most Stages/Time/Coldest Jim Wrona
Elevation Total Female Beverly Zalan
Century with Warmest Weather Harry Rogers
Best Story Bob Evans
Best Story Roberta Myers

Best Photo – Ed Bredthauer


Best Story – Bob Evans and Roberta Myers

This story is about Roberta (Bert) Myers and Robert (Bob) Evans, two 86 year olds who met in 2013 in a bereavement group following the deaths of their long time (42 and 58 years respectively) spouses in 2012. After the 12 week bereavement program completed, a number of the group continued to socialize and get to know one another by going out to dinner and to plays at MPC. Bert was commuting  back and forth from her family farm in Massachusetts to her son’s home in Monterey. She was preparing the farm for sale and remodeling a newly purchased house close to her son’s home her in Monterey. In June of 2014 Bert was in Massachusetts, so Bob sent Bert a birthday card thinking her birthday was June 10. Bert politely informed Bob that her birthday was July 10 and she would be in Monterey then. Bob said he owed her a dinner when she arrived in Monterey. At that dinner they realized that they had many things in common, not just birthdays on the same day of the month (5 months apart) and thus began a blooming relationship.
Bob has been riding bicycles since he was a 14 year old paper boy. After his long time spouse had passed away and when his part time teaching at MPC allowed, he was taking cycling tours all over the U.S. and in Europe. After touring the Katy Trail in Missouri he flew to Massachusetts to visit Bert and see the farm. Later that fall Bert completed her move to Monterey and their relationship grew more serious.
In January of 2015, Bob fell for Bert, literally, breaking a hip at his son’s house in San Jose by missing a step, not cycling. Bert insisted on staying in the hospital with Bob as he waited for surgery. During that interlude they decided to get married on Bob’s birthday in March.
By 2017 they had new Bike Fridays and were cycling around town. However, Bob’s orthopedist was strongly recommending that Bob avoid falling. Rather than stop cycling they decided to switch to recumbent trikes. They were the oldest riders in that year’s Country Coast Classic in Cambria, CA
In 2018 they set off on a trip around the U.S. with the trikes attached to their little RV. During that 10 month trip they cycled all sorts of roads and trails from the French Quarter in New Orleans to the Great Allegheny Passage and the Erie Canal and trails of all types in between for a total of over 700 miles.
This year’s Velo Club Christmas ride inspired them ride a Metric Century
    Total distance  102 KM
    3 stages – longest stage 49.6 KM
    Total elevation gain: 1771 ft  
    Total ride time: 4:23:19

No flats
And that’s our story and we are sticking to it! Bert and Bob

Wishing you a Safe and Happy New Year!

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