Intro to Group Cycling Classes – April 30 & May 7

If you’ve been riding mostly solo, it can be intimidating to join a cycling group, but not riding with a bigger group means you are missing out on a big part of the fun of cycling.  If you are new to riding with a group, or you know someone who wants to learn how, we’ve got a perfect way for you to get comfortable with other riders.

On April 30 and May 7th,  Velo Club Monterey is running an Introduction to Group Riding Series – a set of two, 9am Sunday morning rides that will progressively teach riders the etiquette, safety and skills needed to ride with a group of other cyclists.

cropped-vcm_loverspt2.jpgEach session will include a lesson and discussion, followed by a short ride to get comfortable with your new skills.  Some of the topics covered will include:

  • taking responsibility for the safety of the group
  • hand signals and verbal communications to other riders
  • managing “others”… cars, walker/runners, dogs, strollers, etc…
  • riding predictably
  • learning to read the road
  • drafting safely behind other riders

By the end of the 2nd lesson you’ll be ready to join in the fun of a  group ride.

VCM members at StrawberryThese sessions are for adult cyclists (18+) of just about all experience levels. The only thing we ask is that you are comfortable riding and controlling your bike and can ride at least 12 miles on a relatively flat route. You need to be able to start, pedal, shift and stop. If you use clipless pedals you need to be able to comfortably clip in and out of them.

Session 1 of the Introduction to Group Riding Series is Sunday, April 30th and Session 2 is Sunday, May 7. Meet behind the Wharf Marketplace near the Coastal Trail/Bike Path at 9am. If you want to join us or have questions email or call Mark Kaufmann at 408-568-1331.

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