Local Junior Development Team

You may not know it, but Velo Club Monterey sponsors the local Junior Development Cycling Team which has been run by club member Gordon Martine for several years. The Junior Development Team has made great strides as they begin 2016. There are 7 juniors currently in the program. These young athletes (ages 13 – 16) include: Christina, Elijah, Louisa, Hanna, Sage , Ryan and Matthew.

Junior Cycling Team_2016
2016 Junior Development Cycling Team Members

Through the sponsorship with Chapin Cycling Race team and Velo Club Monterey – along with generous private donors – professional cycling kits and quality bikes have been purchased for use by these junior cyclists. Being able to upgrade the quality of bikes and components the juniors are riding has been a big factor in how fast the young athletes have progressed.

Currently 5 of the juniors are racing on both the dirt and road. These juniors are competing in either the intermediate or advanced categories.

The Junior Team in Action

But, racing is not the only objective of the Junior Development Cycling team. There are four different training rides offered during the week. During these training rides, the young cyclists are mentored on riding technique, bike handling skills, riding in a pack, etc.

Learning early about the payoff to a hard ride!


Special thanks to Gordon and Sue Martine for all the time, effort and great work they’ve put in over the years for these young cyclists. If you have a junior who is interested, or for more information on the junior cycling program, contact Gordon at 831-649-0451.

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