Vintage VCM Caps and more club items available

Earlier this year, Hector Chavez of Winning Wheels made an archeological discovery in his storage room – a cache of Velo Club Monterey Cycling Caps from the distant past.

Vintage Velo Club Monterey Caps




We’ve got 30 of these vintage caps available for the low cost of just $10 per cap.  If you are interested in getting a cap, send an email to

We also have a few more Club odds and ends available….

While there won’t be another chance to order Heritage Jersey clothing until Spring, there are two XL Velo Club Monterey  jerseys available now…

  • VCM Heritage Jersey
    • 1 Men’s Century LX Jersey (XL/Club Fit) – $72
  • Long Sleeve Wool Heritage Jersey
    • 1 XL – $105


VCM Water Bottles in the wild…

Additionally, we’ve still got a few club water bottles available. If yours are looking scruffy, pick up a couple new ones.  VCM Water Bottles are top quality Specialized Purist water bottles and available in 22 or 26 oz. bottles –  you can choose either black or white caps.


  • 22 oz Bottles are $5
  • 26 oz Bottles are $6 
If you want to purchase any of these items, just send an email to or talk to Mark K at the Saturday 8:30 or Tuesday NRJ ride.

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